A message from Dato Siti Hamidah Hamat, 
Founder & Managing Director of Villa Danialla Beach Resort

"We would like to introduce Kelantan. From the outside, it is perceived as if Kelantan is a strict Muslim state. Although, when I am actually staying here, I enjoy the warm and cultured state. The society is still humble and generous with smiles. We set up the resort based on the Malay culture and even our food is inspired by local Malay cuisines with our Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Dagang, and so on. The fruits being served at our café also follows what’s in season. We also serve fresh juices at our beach café. 

From time to time we also promote our local talent of Kelantan live band, which comprise of “serunai” (in English is called “fife”) and “gendang” (a traditional drum) and the traditional dance being incorporated. This place is very quiet with a very good view of the ocean facing South China Sea. 
We can also arrange trips to waterfalls, hot springs, hiking, Perhentian Island, Buddhist temples with Buddha sculptures and fortunately we are close to the Thailand border which allows us to go to Golok, Thailand for a day trip for a very interesting shopping experience with low priced but nice clothing for women, men and children. And not to forget the magnificent food they have to offer there. 

What’s most important to me is “family bonding”. I had this in mind while building this place and most of our guests are families reuniting despite their busy schedules."